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Prehistory Alive Worldwide

Prehistory Alive Worldwide is established out of a passion for prehistory. PAW’s goal is to share this passion and knowledge, and bring people together with joy! We do this though education, communication, recreation and reliving the prehistory by offering living history, workshops, lessons, sales and more. We do not limit ourselves by staying in the Netherlands, but expand abroad as well. We work together with other groups, craftsmen and museums at home and abroad. Together we can expend and spread knowledge about prehistory!
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
What people don’t see and know when you’ve been on a nice event, is the time it takes to gather everything and the mess you make before and after the presentation-day… 🤤 my house has been a junkyard for at least 3 days.🤣

This is only half of the stuff i brought to the filming job last friday. The day before is packing and dragging day, and the day after dragging and unpacking day.. 🤔

I really need a house on ground level..😅😅
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Gosh.. what a lucky girl am i! ❤ yes.. again!!

The last couple of days were AMAZING and gave me so much joy and motivation to move on; to start creating and organising again! 💪😀
On wednesday i had a lovely (and much needed!) lunch with thé power woman Magda from #EXARC, yesterday i participated in a video for an online education program for #PreHistorischdorp, and today i spent the day gathering flint, talking lots and lots about stoneage stuff, had lunch, got to take a look at a super awesome and interesting collection ánd got to take home some great crafsmanship items from/with the amazing @oermensindeklas, his gorgeous wife and my loving boyfriend.❤🌿
On top of that, my boyfriend gave me a very special game in stoneage theme! (will show you later 😉)

I was really drained due to this whole Covid period and still feeling the affects from when i had Covid last february, but these fun days really lifted me up.💪

I will tell you more about these days later this week!
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Who is a lucky girl?? I am!!🤗❤

Friends of my parents are moving out of the neighborhood and asked me if i was interested in their moose skull with antler.. hell yes i am!!!😲😲

I even got a reindeer antler with it! How cool is that! They have been exposed to the weather for years though, so they are a bit cracked here and there but still rock solid.
I will keep 1 moose antler the way it is to show kids the difference between antlers, and the other one will be chopped up to use for billets (if it will still work with these parts) and/or arrow/spearpoints, handles, jewelry etc🤗🤗 the reindeer piece will stay the way it is too.

As for the skull.. i need to figure out where it would be placed best!

Thank you, André and Petrie!❤
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
It’s time to sow flax again! 🌿

I have a rental garden, and was lucky to get an extra piece this year just so i could make a big flax field.
While sowing, i thought of doing a little experiment.. so i made 4 parts where i’ve sown differently. 🤗

For as far as i know, flax is usually sown by throwing all the seeds randomly. Afterwards the flax was pressed down in the earth by just walking over it. Last year i did it that way, (and didn’t use a net) but i was very unlucky.. just a couple of sprouts florished out of the earth. I had to re-sow the plot. So this year i will use a net again.😅

The upper right is sown in rows and the earth pressed down. The lower right is sown in rows as well, but not pressed. The upper left is thrown randomly and the earth is pressed, and the lower left is thrown randomly as well, but not pressed.
The plot is watered and then i covered it with the net (phone battery died so no picture of that).

I’m curious if it makes any difference! I love doing these little experiments❤
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Don’t you just loooove new books?😍😍

I know i do!! Especially when you are in it with a picture (although not really recognisable this time), and a lot of (ex-) colleagues (like @prae_creations and @hunebedcentrum and @leather_and_crafts ) are in it too!

These two will be a pleasure to read 🤗
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Finally i can show you the outfit i made for the film job last december!😍
This is my interpretation of the corded ware culture, based on Ötzi, sources of what animals and plants were found/used in specific regions of the Netherlands during this time and thinking logically (trying to think like a prehistorian.. what does the trick?)😂
My clothes are mostly fur(goat, beaver, fox), leather (goat, deer) and linen, but they probably used a lot of other plant fibres too (like limebark, nettle different grasses) and i still think some wool (in fabric form) would be used too.. Although there is no trace of wool found around this time. Erwin (man on picture) did have more wool in his interpretation. 😊
It was – 1 degrees celsius when we were there, and i soon found out that my shoes weren’t doing the trick. They were soaked during filming, and that made my whole body very cold. So i definently need to adjust that. My leggings need some adjustment for this temperature as well, but the rest of my body was quite allright. Might need an extra fur bodywarmer or a cloak (i lent my cloak to my friend on the second picture).
The only thing that i didn’t finish, were the buckskin armsleeves. I still need to make straps on top to attach them to the tunic.🤗
I’m very proud of this kit though! ❤
Very curious what you think. Do you have similair ideas, or do you have another interpretation? Let me know!💪
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PAW is officieel!


Wouw, het is zover! Vandaag heeft Lucia een krabbel gezet op het kantoor van de Kamer van Koophandel. PAW is dus nu officieel geregistreerd als bedrijfje!

De site is online!


Whoohoo!! Eindelijk is het zover; de site is online! We hebben er hard aan gewerkt, en hopen dat jij hem net zo mooi vindt als wij! Met de tijd zullen er nog meer pagina’s en info bij komen, want we hebben nog veel meer ideeën! En mocht jij ook nog op- of aanmerkingen hebben, zijn die altijd welkom!

Oertijdmarkt Borger


Afgelopen zondag stonden wij voor het eerst op een markt, en wel de Oertijdmarkt! Deze markt wordt elk jaar gehouden door het Hunebed Centrum in Borger, en wordt druk bezocht.

Wij hebben een goede combinatie gevonden tussen demonstraties en verkoop, en het publiek was erg enthousiast! Dit gaan we natuurlijk vaker doen!

Daarnaast kwamen onze (ex) collega’s nog op bezoek, wat voor buitenstaanders een prachtig beeld opleverde. En dat betekende natuurlijk ook… veel op de foto!

We hebben ons ontzettend vermaakt!

Primitieve technologie workshop weekend in Amerika


Afgelopen maand hebben wij het geluk gehad rond te mogen touren door Amerika! Naast al het moois dat we gezien hebben, hebben we daar ook i.s.m. onze Amerikaanse vriend Douglas Meyer een workshop weekend mogen geven!

De workshop stond in het teken van primitieve technologieën, en bestond o.a. uit blaaspijpen, lokroepen, messen en netten maken.

Het was een ontzettend leuke ervaring, en we willen onze Amerikaanse vriend Douglas en de Nature Reliance School bedanken. Zij hebben dit ten slotte mogelijk gemaakt!