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Er zijn momenteel geen toekomstige events.

Aankomende workshops

We zijn momenteel druk bezig om de workshops voor 2019 in te plannen. Hou ons vooral in de gaten!

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Prehistory Alive Worldwide

Prehistory Alive Worldwide is established by two girls with a passion for prehistory. Our goal is to share our passion, knowledge and bring people together with joy! We do this though education, communication, recreation and reliving the prehistory by offering living history, workshops, lessons, sales and more. We do not limit ourselves by staying in the Netherlands, but expand abroad as well. We work together with other groups, craftsmen and museums at home and abroad. Together we can expend and spread knowledge about prehistory!
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Working on my weave project today.😊

I'm keeping track of how long this will take me, from start to finish. The plan is to make a bronze age skirt.. we'll see how that will turn out!
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Crawfish says hi!πŸ€™πŸ»

Yesterday i took some limebark out of the water, and discovered this little guy! He was hiding in the bark.

I've never seen one in real life before, so it startled me a bit πŸ˜‚
Quite cute though!

He's back in the water, safe and sound πŸ˜‰
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Yesterday was amazing!

I had great help from 3 power men who really made a difference on the island. We've managed to sort out most of the junk pile (which had major blackberry bushes hanging over it) and Casper cleaned out a corner all by himself.

Next time we'll start on another corner to clean out and sort the rest of the pile (burning and more). And when that's done... we can start building! .
I am super grateful for all the help i'm getting. You guys are amazing!

Do you feel like lending a hand too? You're always welcome! Just send me a message.
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Happy Newyear everyone!

Hope you had a blast. <3 I've spent my evening watching firework from my living room with my lovely cats and some hot coco!

BUT!!!! It's time to start working again, and i'm starting fresh by working on the island again upcoming sunday!

So if you're free and feel like it, you're more than welcome to join. Just let me know through a PM!

Lots of love to you!
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Merry christmas everybody! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Hope your life will be filled with joy and happinessπŸ’•

Onwards to another year of prehistoric education πŸ€™πŸ»

Prehistory Alive Worldwide
Prehistory Alive Worldwide
I went to Vlaardingen yesterday to meet up with Leo, a very well respected historical house builder, tree pruner and wood worker (famous for his canoes too).

I had some stuff to give to him (like the linen damendorf i made) and this gave me a great opportunity to see the progress of the next building he's making; a medieval farm house.
This is the 3rd building that has been built here, and the terrain will be another educational property from stoneage until midieval times.
The awesome part is that they will try to replicate the environment from those times as well.
The first house leo built there was the stoneage house from the Vlaardingen culture (not on pictures) which was completed in 2016, and now already busy with the 3rd house. Second house is also medieval.

He definently is the guy to go to if you want properly built (pre) historical buildings!

PAW is officieel!


Wouw, het is zover! Vandaag heeft Lucia een krabbel gezet op het kantoor van de Kamer van Koophandel. PAW is dus nu officieel geregistreerd als bedrijfje!

De site is online!


Whoohoo!! Eindelijk is het zover; de site is online! We hebben er hard aan gewerkt, en hopen dat jij hem net zo mooi vindt als wij! Met de tijd zullen er nog meer pagina's en info bij komen, want we hebben nog veel meer ideeΓ«n! En mocht jij ook nog op- of aanmerkingen hebben, zijn die altijd welkom!

Oertijdmarkt Borger


Afgelopen zondag stonden wij voor het eerst op een markt, en wel de Oertijdmarkt! Deze markt wordt elk jaar gehouden door het Hunebed Centrum in Borger, en wordt druk bezocht.

Wij hebben een goede combinatie gevonden tussen demonstraties en verkoop, en het publiek was erg enthousiast! Dit gaan we natuurlijk vaker doen!

Daarnaast kwamen onze (ex) collega's nog op bezoek, wat voor buitenstaanders een prachtig beeld opleverde. En dat betekende natuurlijk ook... veel op de foto!

We hebben ons ontzettend vermaakt!

Primitieve technologie workshop weekend in Amerika


Afgelopen maand hebben wij het geluk gehad rond te mogen touren door Amerika! Naast al het moois dat we gezien hebben, hebben we daar ook i.s.m. onze Amerikaanse vriend Douglas Meyer een workshop weekend mogen geven!

De workshop stond in het teken van primitieve technologieΓ«n, en bestond o.a. uit blaaspijpen, lokroepen, messen en netten maken.

Het was een ontzettend leuke ervaring, en we willen onze Amerikaanse vriend Douglas en de Nature Reliance School bedanken. Zij hebben dit ten slotte mogelijk gemaakt!

Primitive Skills Class with Prehistory Alive Worldwide (PAW)